Are you following the rules of becoming a sissy? [Quiz]

As we have already discussed about some rules and regulations are to be followed by sissies all across the world, and this is actually non-negotiable that you follow all the rules which are required to be followed by sissies.

When you start becoming a sissy, you have to understand that there are certain rules which are required to be followed by you as a a sissy slave  .

Some of the rules you must be aware about are like , keeping your body smooth at all times, wearing wig and doing makeup all the time.

Making yourself a better sissy is a dream for many people and hence it is not an easy thing to be a sissy at all.

So, do you think that you are a good sissy? I mean I think that you are, but not necessarily that you are following all the rules of your sissy lifestyle.

If I am not mistaken, every sissy on this earth knows about the rule book for sissies, and how to become a better sissy. The rule book of sissies clearly mention that what sissy should do, how sissy should stay when alone, how to become the best sissy in the room etc.

So, let us take this quiz to know more about what type of a sissy you are, and are you following all the rules mentioned in the sissy rule book.

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    Do you have long hairs?

    • Yes, natural long hairs
    • I wear wig, but it appears long
    • I am growing hairs. Right now short, but will grow
    • My hairs are short only
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    Do you wear Bra and Panties all the time?

    • Yes, I wear both bra and panties all the time
    • Not all the time, but i wear before meeting my master
    • I wear panties all the time, but bra occassionaly
    • No , I wear bra and panties when my master asks me to
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    Are you smooth all over your body?

    • Yes , I am smooth all over my body
    • I am smooth, but not all over the body. I have hairs on hands and legs
    • I am naturally smooth, I dont need to make myself more smooth
    • I can not become smooth as people will doubt me
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    Do you worship your masters cock?

    • Yes, I worship my masters cock, it is the best thing in the world
    • I suck it and give handjobs. Thats the best i can do
    • At best I can give a blowjob , that too with a condom
    • I am not sure, but I do like it very much
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    If your master wants to pimp you out for 20 $ , what would you do?

    • I am ready to be pimped out. My master owns me, he can pimp me
    • I will get pimped, but I need to know about them beforehand
    • Sounds scary! I can not tell you right now
    • I am uncomfortable with pimping myself out
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    Would you suck a stranger’s cock, if your master orders you?

    • Yes , Why cant i suck a cock?
    • Yes, I will suck but with condom
    • Only if i find it safe and discreet
    • Master’s cock is ok, but stranger’s cock?
  • Question of

    If your master asks you for a castration, will you accept it?

    • Yes. I will castrate my penis for him
    • My dick is anyhow not erect, why to castrate it?
    • No, but i can wear a chastity
    • Castration is off the table for sure
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    Your master wants to shoot a video while you suck his cock in sissy clothes, your reaction?

    • I have absolutely no problem in getting shoot when i am sucking my master
    • Only if he allows me to hide my face
    • Will he blur my face? Promise not the share it anywhere
    • Are you kidding?
  • Question of

    Are you ready for a Public humiliation?

    • Yes I am ready
    • I am ready , but somewhere away from my place.
    • I am ready but wont reveal my identity
    • I wont do this
  • Question of

    What about swallowing masters cum?

    • Yes I can drink his cum
    • I dont like it much, but if he wants it I will do
    • He can take it out on my ass
    • I wont swallow any cum

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