Are you ready to be owned by a mistress?

Many times in your sissy journey, you have to ask yourself the ultimate question, what next? The next is are you ready to be owned by a mistress. Yes, if you are a sissy, you have to have a mistress or a master. 

Getting a master or mistress for a sissy is really really necessary and at some point of time you have to find a mistress or master for you. 

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    Do you like being a slut?

    • Yes , I do
    • Of course, I want to be slut all the time
    • It is not possible for me to be slut
    • I am not ready to be a slut
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    Are you ready to face the humiliation?

    • Yes, I like being humiliated
    • No I dont like humiliation
    • I have limitations for humiliation
    • It depends on my comfort zone
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    Do you agree with toilet play?

    • Yes I love being a toilet slave
    • No thats off my limits
    • It depends on the cleanliness of the toilet
    • Toilet play is boring
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    Do you like being fucked in the ass?

    • Yes I like anal fucking very much
    • I just like it mildly
    • I need to have some trust before I do anal
    • I wont do anal at all
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    What are your views about sucking a real dick?

    • A dick is the best thing for a sissy
    • I like sucking dicks
    • I dont like it much, but do it for my partner
    • I dont like sucking dick at all
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    Have you ever fantasized about a strapon?

    • Yes many times
    • Not really, but would like to try
    • Whats a strapon?
    • I dont like the idea of plastic dicks
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    You like soft skin or rough?

    • I like smooth skin without any hairs
    • I like hairs and smooth skin
    • I just want a human skin doesnt matter
    • I like hard skin with lot of hairs

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