How dedicated Slave you are!

Being in BDSM requires  emotional stability, dedication and an honest way of thinking for the partner.

Being a slave or master is a matter of choice and you dont have any say in that one, but being an awesome slave or master is a matter of choice.  Being a slave has many tasks in the list, you have to serve your master or mistress, you have to give the utmost respect to the owner of your pathetic sissy life.

A sissy is the one who needs a strong and active human to dominate him or her and here is the fact , lets check how good you are at being a slave!

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    You are in a SM relationship with a master and he wants you to remain dressed as a sissy slave for 24 X 7, what would you do.

    • I will follow the commands
    • I will dress as per his commands if my schedule allows
    • I will try to dodge the offer as I have my own commitments
    • I can not do that, I dont feel comfortable
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    Your master asks you to make food for him and his some friends in the night and also get ready for a gangbang in the sluttiest dress you have, what would be your reaction?

    • I would happily do as my master orders.
    • I am ok with food , but sex and gangbang is not my thing
    • I am ok with food and I can server master alone. But Gangbang I dont want
    • I aint making food for any one
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    Your Master has taken you out for a long drive with girl outfit in car trunk. Now He stops the car on a highway in broad daylight and instructs you to seduce passerby vehicles in your slutty clothes with full make up while he shoots, you will..

    • Of course I will accept the offer and seduce the hell out of truckers on highway
    • I will do that only if the highway is not in city limits
    • I can do that but no sex. Only show.
    • I am not comfortable in doing this publicly
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    Your master is going out for the dinner and wants you to tie to his WC with your face in the can. You will?

    • I am his slave, he can do whatever he wants
    • I will discuss with him first as it can be a health issue
    • I dont like toilet slavery but he can tie me without my face in
    • I am not gonna allow him tying me like this to his toiet bowl
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    Your Master is having an affair with a girl and he is inviting her to dinner today. During and after the sex with his girl friend, your master wants you to lick and serve both of them, you would?

    • I will take part in the sexual encounter as my master ask me to
    • I am ok with this as long as she is not humiliating me
    • I will do this but I need respect while being with another woman
    • I am not licking her clean as she is not my master
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    Your Masters friends are there in the hall and you are all dressed as a sissy slave for master. Suddenly master asks you to lick clean his shoes, what you do?

    • I am his slave, he has all the dominance on me. I will silently sit down and lick clean his shoes
    • In front of all the people? Thats pretty humiliating!
    • I can’t do that in front of others. If he asks me in private I can do that.
    • Master has to be in his limits.
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    Your Master wants you to buy lingerie in a lingerie store, but the only condition is you have to click pics and send to your master so that he can finalize the one to buy. You will?

    • I will do that without asking a single question
    • In a lingerie store? I need to be drunk to do that . I dont have much courage
    • I can buy it online, but not in the store. Dont have confidence
    • I am not gonna buy any lingerie in the store
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    Your master has a gamble problem. He lost like 1000$ in a spree at a club and you are with him as his sissy companion. He has no money but only you. He asks you to repay the lost amount by sleeping with the winner, you will?

    • Its a hard time for master. I have to help him. I will go.
    • I will pay from my pocket if I have the money
    • How can I go with unknown people. What if they rape me?
    • Master has lost the money, he has to handle it
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    One fine day your master comes with another sissy and asks you to serve them both. You have to suck both cocks and get fucked by master and the CD friend of your master, you will?

    • As master has ordered, I have to do it.
    • Master is Ok, but CD too? He is not a man right?
    • I cant fuck with CD . However I can suck both
    • I will not do that at all
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    Your Master wants to collar you and take a ride in the neighborhood. Its a new area, no body knows you. What will you reply?

    • I am the master’s bitch. I will be glad to do it.
    • I am new here , I will do it but with makeup
    • I will talk to master first. If he insists, I will do it, but with a face mask
    • Who is he to do this? I wont do this

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