How many days in chastity you need?

You love chastity and you can not undo the things you crave for. You are a naughty person and need more and more sort of control by an outside authority.

The more you become naughty, more punishment you need. Take this quiz which decides how long should you be punished and locked in chastity!

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    How many times you masturbate in a weak?

    • More than 20 Times
    • Between 10 to 20
    • Between 1 to 9
    • Between 0 to 1
  • Question of

    As of now , how many mistresses/masters have owned you?

    • Not even one master or mistress has owned me
    • One master /mistress in whole life
    • 3 mistress /masters have owned me
    • I have server more than 3 masters or mistresses
  • Question of

    How many hours you spend on internet with sissy humiliation videos?

    • Less than half an hour
    • Between half and one hour
    • One to two hours daily
    • More than 2 hours
  • Question of

    Are you willing to become a sissy for 24X7?

    • Not at all
    • I can think about it
    • I want to but a little scared. Have tried a little but not 24X7
    • Yes ! I am all ready for this. No questions asked!
  • Question of

    How long is your penis?

    • More than 6 inches
    • Between 4 to 6 inches
    • Between 3 to 4 inches
    • Less than 3 inches
  • Question of

    Are you ready for a castration?

    • No, I want to have kids one day?
    • I have never thought about it. Not sure!
    • I can go for castration depending on the situations!
    • I am all set for castration!
  • Question of

    Do you like yous penis being sucked?

    • Of course. I do
    • Not much. Tried once or twice
    • Never tried. But willing to try it once
    • My penis is not for sucking. I do the sucking!
  • Question of

    Do you consider yourself male?

    • Yes I do! I am a male!
    • I am a male but secretly I am a sissy!
    • I am a sissy but male sometimes. I like being sissy!
    • I am 100% sissy! I am not a male!

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