How many dicks you can handle at a time Sissy?

Sissies are fun, sissies like cocks, and to be honest , sissies like big cocks. Sissies suck cocks, sissies lick cocks, and sissies want these cocks in their boi pussy all the time. 

Sissies are going to get fucked, and if not by one, she will get fucked by someone else. 

When a sissy starts crossdressing she accepts her fate, and the fate is all about getting fucked by big dicks. 

So, have you ever thought about how many dicks you can handle at a time? I bet you have given it a thought and you wish you were fucked by more than one dick at a time. Well, lucky for you, take this quiz and know how many dicks you can handle at a time, sissy!

  • Question of

    How was your first sissy fuck experience?

    • It was good. I liked it
    • I didnt like it. It was painful
    • The reason i tried it was a mistake
    • It was perfect!
  • Question of

    Do you like being filmed while getting fucked ?

    • Never thought about it
    • Dont want it
    • I have done it. I like it.
    • I would love to do that
  • Question of

    You like to get fucked in….?

    • Completely dressed up as a girl
    • I like to wear chastity cage while getting fucked
    • I like to get fucked anytime with anything
    • I like becoming a girl and get fucked
  • Question of

    Do you have a fantasy about the number of people you want to get fucked with?

    • I dont have any such fantasy
    • I want to become a slut for 2 men
    • I like a group of men fucking me
    • I want to be fucked brutally in a gangbang like a pornstar
  • Question of

    Would you accept an offer if 7 men want to take you on paid vacation , where you will be fucked daily.

    • I would like to become a slut for these 7 men!
    • I can do this if I am paid good money!
    • I will look forwards to it, even for free!
    • 7 Is a little high. I can do it for maximum 4 people!

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