If you score more than 66,you are a super slutty Chastity sissy!

Who doesnt want to a be slutty sissy? Well, what ever i have seen so far, Sissies are now a days more and more demanding.

Sissies are now lost in the dreamworld of bdsm. From peeing more often when put in their first chastity cage, to being a sissy slut for pros, sissies grow with time and makes better of themselves.

Why a sissy needs a master? To become more and more slutty. The way an experienced sissy opens her ass for her master in lust is the ultimate sense of dedication for their master.

Here is a quiz for my fellow sissies to take to know their score on this Sissy Slutty Chastity Quiz October 2020.

  • Question of

    One thing when you are in chastity is you need to pee more often. Are you ready for that?

    • Of course I am ready to pee more and more for my master
    • Seriously? I dint think about it!
    • How can i go pee more and more?
    • I refuse to pee for some other man
  • Question of

    Are you ready to wear your chastity cage with pubic hairs, even if it means occasional pain?

    • Of course. I like a little pain on my sissy clitty
    • Oh my god ! I will wear if its only mild pain
    • Pain is not an issue for me, if the master is of my choice
    • Thats a big no from my side
  • Question of

    Suppose your dick is a bit out of the cage and master wants to circumcise you, What would you do?

    • I am ready to be circumcised
    • No I wont allow that
    • I will try to find another way
    • My religion doesnt allow that
  • Question of

    It is possible that you will get trouble during sleeping when you are in constant chastity. What do you do?

    • Yes I am ready for all the troubles for my master
    • No I want my sleep to be peaceful
    • I need sleep , but not at the cost of my sissy life
    • I will try to find some other way
  • Question of

    Your master wants to put metal chastity cage, and you have to attend a flight from Airport. Are you ready for the airport humiliation?

    • Yes. I would definitely do that
    • I would love to try this thrilling experience but not sure
    • Only if my flight is not important
    • Thats a big no from my side
  • Question of

    Your master gives you option of Chastity release on condition of a huge butt plug. Your choice?

    • I am ok with both options.
    • I would take chastity cage
    • I would take the butt plug
    • Both of them are unacceptable for me
  • Question of

    Permanent Super glue lock for 2 months with no release or Key-lock for 6 months with occasional release?

    • Whatever the master decides for me is ok
    • Super glue for me
    • Key-lock for me
    • Both of them are unacceptable for me

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