Take this quiz to know your exact date of becoming a sissy!

Sissies are fun. I start most of my communication with this statement only and this simply means that I have infinite faith on the skills I have acquired as a sissy master in my life so far. I have trained many sissies and they all are still my slaves. Last some days were really difficult for the whole world because of Corona and the ever lasting economy conditions. In the times so bad, I could simply say that the time changes and people are now again interested in becoming Sissies and Slaves. According to a survey done by Pornhub, one in ten searches for sissy porn and this is an ever increasing trend. I have designed a quiz for you to determine at what exact date you became a sissy ! Take this sissy quiz to know when exactly you became a sissy! Fun quiz for all my sissy slaves ! #Enjoy

  • Question of

    Which pic do you like more?

    • Taking a black dick in ass
    • Sissy in a bride dress
    • Sissy sucking a dick
    • This is love
  • Question of

    What would you rather do this sunday

    • Showing your ass to strangers
    • getting tied as a BDSM slave
    • What about this plan?
    • Sucking two dicks at a time
  • Question of

    How comfortable are you telling people that you are a sissy?

    • Pretty much
    • Not very comfortable
    • Everyone already knows this
    • I will die of shame
  • Question of

    Would you ever get married?

    • Yes I will
    • No i wont
    • May be
    • Dont even think about it
  • Question of

    What kind of clothes you like?

    • Simple and erotic
    • Slutty
    • Shining and erotic
    • Slutty and cheap

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