Take this quiz to know your next sissy assignment!

Sissy assignments are fun and this is a simple way to make yourself the sissy submitted to your master.

Masters or mistresses are just humans, they need submission and all the want is to have a follower who is dedicated enough to the master or mistresses.

Sissies are like a blossoming flower, and only the real owner can make her give her best. One way to make your sissy submit to you is to give her the sissy tasks. There are literally infinite number of sissy assignments that could be asked from a sissy slave, but not all are to be followed.

Many of the sissies have a sense of dedication for the real masters or mistresses, but many of them are not very comfortable. It is not like something that anyone would have done. It takes a real sissy to follow all the sissy tasks .

Sissy assignments are like a lollipop for sissies. My sissy slaves are all over the world and I like them a lot, for them I have brought some of the sissy assignments . But here is a twist, you have to take this quiz to get your sissy assignment.

Have fun !

  • Question of

    Choose one pic from the street sissy sluts:

    • Street in night
    • Wall side at street
    • Just a random street
    • A full blown public humiliation pic
  • Question of

    Which pic do you like more?

    • Red sissy tied to a bed
    • Sissy doing household chores
    • Sissy exposing her clitty
    • Sissy outside the office
  • Question of

    Choose one pic that defines your personality in front of a hooker

    • Sissy boy on the highway
    • Sissy hooker talking to a car driver
    • Sissy in outskirts of city
    • Sissy slave showing her penis
  • Question of

    Which pic suits your personality as per current thoughts

    • Sissy red corset
    • Sissy panties down in street
    • Sissy sucking a cock on park bench
    • Sissy in skirt in park
  • Question of

    One last pic to choose from :

    • Sissy taking a walk in jungle
    • Sissy chastity in morning 10 AM
    • Sissy ass up face down on street
    • Sissy showing butt plug in street

What do you think?

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