What profession suits your sissy lifestyle?

Sissy lifestyle is fun, and when you have a lifestyle that makes you susceptible to become a sissy cuckold or sissy husband, you can very well change your profession in your life when you have time to do so.

Sissies have various fetishes, like being fucked in the ass  by a mistress strapon, being humiliated by an alpha cock, and what not. Choosing your profession is as important as making yourself pretty for becoming a street slut.

You can call yourself a sissy who was forced to become a feminine slut by some bulls and you have to be perfectly alright with that.

What profession suits your sissy lifestyle? The answer to this lies in the quiz below! Take the quiz to know what kind of profession you should be in sissy!

  • Question of

    How to do you define your normal day at home?

    • You want to get fucked all the time
    • You wish you were in chastity
    • You dont want to live as a male anymore
    • You have thoughts about becoming a full time sissy slave
  • Question of

    Define the role of girls in your life:

    • They are cute. I like girls
    • I want to be girl so bad
    • I am a girl you know!
    • I am a girl who has a vagina in the back
  • Question of

    How comfortable are you riding strangers in their rooms?

    • Quite comfortable actually
    • I want to ride them all the time
    • Only if I get some money
    • I would love to get even filmed
  • Question of

    Do you want to get married?

    • I want to become a slave to a master
    • I dont want to get married, I dont like girls
    • Girls are great, I want to become someone’s wife
    • I would rather become a cheap marriage sissy escort
  • Question of

    Would you care for money in exchange of becoming a sissy slave?

    • Yes,I do need money for my sissy life
    • I will earn by getting fucked for money
    • I have enough money
    • I will have a day job and i will be a free slut at night

What do you think?

Sissy goals during lockdown

Which one you are? Caste your vote, be the best sissy!