What sort of a sissy you are!

What type of sissy you are?

We know you are a sissy and why not, We have always had a different respect for your life as a sissy. Now take this little quiz that reveals what type of a sissy you are?

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    One of your best friend, (male) offers you to Crossdress for him at his apartment after a nightout. What would you do?

    • Yes, I would do that Asap
    • I will Crossdress Only If I am drunk
    • I will Crossdress only after he insists like 10 times
    • I Will deny tooth and nail
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    You meet this guy online who wants to auction you on a site where Sissies are auctioned for money. Will you accept the offer?

    • Yes, I will meet him and let him auction me
    • I need to make more than one date with him first
    • I will only do that if I find it safe from all sides
    • Are you out of your mind?
  • Question of

    One of your straight friends come to know about your internet browsing history and is now asking for a gangbang with his another friend. What would you do?

    • Gangbang! Sounds lovely. I am in
    • Well, he is my friend. I need to know the third friend first
    • I can not do this with my friend. If he asks me for one on one, I can think
    • Not at all. I dont do that
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    You are cruising through Craigslist and one guy offers 1000$ to anyone who is willing to be his sissy pet for a week. What would you do?

    • 1000$? I would do without that!
    • I will definitely do it!
    • I can do that bu only in private
    • I can do it just for money. But no pics and videos plus no anal and I need respect
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    Your wife finds out you are a sissy and she wants you to make cuckold. What would you do?

    • Yes! I will cuckold with anyone. No questions asked
    • I will resist but bow down after blackmail
    • I will decide according to situation, but i have to save my marriage too
    • I would rather file for divorce
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    Your shemale friend is an escort and she asked you to accompany her sometime with her clients as a sissy escort. What would you do?

    • I would love to do that
    • I will accept the offer if safety is guaranteed
    • I will accept the offer if its a one time thing
    • I dont have a shemale friend. Even if I had one, I will deny it.
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    Your boss is interested in men. You are smooth, sexy and he sees a sissy slave in you. What would you do if he offers you to be personal secretary where you have to act as a girl during nights or whenever he wants you to?

    • Sissy Secretary! Long time dream . Would love it
    • Yes. I will. But I dpnt want others to know about this
    • I will do that, its a long time fantasy , but I need to be sure about safety and money raise
    • I can do it , if he promotes and increases my salary.

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