Shocking transformation of Submissive woman into super Dominant

One thing that we have to appreciate if we have to be on the rationale side of the life. The one thing that has changed over the years is how woman folks used to have a submissive image, but now they are completely in the dominant role. 

Woman now a days are pretty comfortable in being called goddess and making men worship them. World is fast changing and its almost impossible for us to believe that the soft spoken, submissive woman have really come a long way. 

Sissies are just idiots who have no idea about how to live this life, and all they know about is to suck cocks and look sexy, but the real women in the past years have changed a lot. I can not recall how many goddesses I have met in the past some years who have a great deal of respect for their genders. 

A real man would never want to be a woman, but a sissy wants to be like a girl.  But the worst part is, they can not. A sissy can never become a real woman, because real woman have way more than what you think. Just enjoy the dominance being given to use by the superior woman in this world. 



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Written by Sissy Master

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