Should you show your chastity bulge?

Safe sex should be first priority! Don’t trust everything you see on internet, a lot of things and people are fake here! Be safe, enjoy life!

From the scary homophobia to the virtually accepting sissy lifestyle, we have come a long way since then. The society is developing and we are getting to see new things being normalised now. One thing that sissies have got normalised is locking the penis in a cage, popularly known as chastity cage. Now coming back to normalising things, we all know that chastity cage is a thing. But has anyone ever shown it to others intentionally? Is the world going back to the society where you have to give subtle signals to show what you are in the bedroom?

Have a look at this picture.


She is wearing a chastity and she is heading towards the gym . What do you believe is different thing but when someone as sexy as her hit the gym, it’s very much possible that you will be attracted towards her. Now ,I have a question . Whether or not sissies should show their chastity cage to the world like a tattoo or a piece of jewelry?

In my opinion, in order to be able to show your chastity cage to the world, you need to understand that this is an extreme level of freedom where you are allowed to show the chastity cage you got there.

I sincerely wish that sissies should be able to show it to the world that they are proud to be wearing a chastity cage and there is nothing wrong if a sissy is willing to giver her control to a master or a mistress.

I hope that we have that freedom some day!

What do you think?

Pretty August , sexy Sissies!

Do what you love, become a sissy whore!