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Sissies are mostly empty minded

Note: Always practice Safe Sex. Dont trust anyone on the internet. Enjoy life, but be safe too!

I am not here to comment about anyone and anytime, I do what I believe in and I have a strong belief in the concept of sissies being empty minded.

I am pretty sure that none of my sissy slave would mind if i call them empty minded. The reason is simple, sissies are empty mind and they know this as a fact. The fact is, a sissy need to be empty mind in order to be a sissy.

Generally, everyone has a sexual orientation. There is no discussion about the sexual orientation or why you should be or why you shouldnt be sissy. You are free to be sissy, but what makes it a little important to discuss here is that the sissies can never be fully minded and be a sissy. This is one of the basic requirement for anyone to be a sissy, i.e you have to be empty minded.

When I talk to my slaves about what they want, how they want to live, what their aspirations for this life is, the general answer is, that they want to be a slave. Thats it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Simple answer a sissy wants to be slave. Reason? They like being dominated. When someone is dominating a sissy, they get turned on. One more interesting fact about sissies is that they dont get turned on with their penis. They get turned on with their ass. Well, whatever, sissies are sissies. You cant expect much from them. All we can expect from them is to be sexy and do stuff. Also, as everyone knows a sissy should be able to open all her holes when her mistress or master needs her to.

Almost all the sissies like to be dominated as the sense of being powerless in front of someone powerful is far better than other manly things. So when i say a sissy likes being dominated, naturally a sissy has to follow what the dominant is saying. A dominant will say many things that they feel good. And here comes the twist. If you want yourself to be a sissy, you have to follow and obey what your dominant is telling you. You cant apply your mind. If you cant apply your mind, it means you have to be empty minded. And hence, a sissy need not have any mind at all. Even if a sissy consider herself as a Mindful person, she has to become empty minded when she is in her role as a sissy.

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