Sissies are only weak when they are on bed….

A sissy is only weak when she is on the bed. If a sissy is not on the bed, they are horny but not weak. 

One thing that I have seen with sissies around me is that sissies are almost always horny. But they are not always easy to get. Of course a new sissy might be ready to open her ass anywhere for the real man, but an experienced sissy knows this and they take advantage of this thing all the time. 

Once a wise man said that , all the men are gentleman before the lights are switched off , and all the woman are sexy once the lights are off. The writer of this statement had never been with a sissy for sure. 

A sissy is always sexy and horny. One of the main reasons for a sissy being this hot and sexy is the fact that a sissy is just a hole for a real man.  A real man just need a warm hole with lot of hot moanings. Do I need to tell you that a sissy can fulfil all the dreams of a real man ? Of course a sissy has better life than a woman as far as the sex is concerned. Remember a sissy looks like a woman , and performs better than a woman in bed. 

A sissy is not weak, if anything, a sissy is graceful. Grace comes with the idea of doing something for the society. Everyone among us knows that had their been no sissies in the society, world would be extremely frustrated. Sissies somehow are helping the world release their frustration. You know, of course by making real man ejaculate. A man is least frustrated when he ejaculates and sissies are ejaculation experts. 

When we go into personal space of a sissy slut, we believe that all the sissies have an intentional and natural instinct for men. A sissy can directly see through a men’s heart and they make the move as and when the story starts. 

I can not explain that how many times I have observed that people relate being a sissy as being weak. Being sissy is a choice and it’s a wonderful choice. I personally believe that the thinking about sissies should be changed in the society. A sissy opens her ass for her master and  she makes her master enjoy his life. I understand the importance of sissies as they make up an important section of society in life. 

One other important thing about sissies is that the sissies are now being forced too. Forcing someone is like the worst thing that could happen, so what should be done? 

Nothing ,I want you to enjoy sissies but let’s have a good view about their lives too. Let’s not just consider them as sluts, I mean they are sluts , but during the day time, they are normal humans. 

Enjoy fucking sissies , they are the best. 

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