Sissies are same everywhere

Sissies are everywhere, everywhere means everywhere. Be it any part of the world or your country, you will find one sissy near you for sure. The reason is simple, sissies are spreading very fast and there is nothing LGBTQ haters could do anything.

I do have a high libido where I like to humiliate sissies and make them my slaves who are nothing short of a slut to me, but I do believe that sexual identity is a pious stuff and sissies should be encouraged to become what they really want to become.

Whatever I say wont make any big difference, Sissies are here to stay and I have serious issues that why being a sissy is not a religion yet.

Moving on to the topic I wanted to discuss here is, the world has a massive population and just because of the globalization, the world is now very much open as compared to the last decades.

Do you recall when you became a sissy for the first time? Probably it was a garage somewhere in the deserted suburbs of your home state and you became a bitch for a real man . You do recall this , right?

Now when you first became a sissy, you slowly became popular in your circle and everyone wanted to have a piece of your sissy ass. You were feeling exotic with the exposure you were getting , and thats how you became a sissy. Sounds familiar?

Yes, thats how most of the sissies became a sissy. The concept of being a submissive sissy is same and you are no different than others who live in a different country or city.

So, I wish all sissies out their enjoy the mutual relationship of sissy-master with your favorite master as you have been enjoying.

Good luck!

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