Sissies belong to panties?

How often have you heard that if you are a sissy, you belong to panties. Well, its a fact that if you are a sissy, you have to have panties, but I do believe that panties are not the only thing that defines a sissy.

Why do you make yourself believe that a sissy belongs to panties?

While this is ok to accept that a sissy belongs to panties , I believe its perfectly alright if a sissy lives without panties too.

The world is about making perceptions and sissy lifestyle is highly dependent on perceptions. 

Panties are an important part of a sissy lifestyle, a sissy is not dependent on panties. A sissy is more than that . A Sissy is way more than just a pair of panties. Showing your sexy ass to real man is a trait of a sissy, but what makes you thing panties fits in that criteria?

Being a sissy is now a lifestyle and it is actually a fast growing way of living. Many people are just going into becoming a sissy day by day and I want you all to understand that nothing could stop sissies to approach their way of living the life the way they want. 

What do you think?

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