Sissies cant get pregnant!

Sissies can not get pregnant , and this is the best quality of a sissy slut. The best stuff is of course the way a sissy is always available for a real man, but other than the availability for a real man, a sissy cant get pregnant.

When a sissy is made by the exposure of internet a real life slut is born. A sissy takes place of a female in more than one way and all the stuff a sissy could do help a woman relax. Many woman actually thank sissies for providing the sex services to the world .

One more thing that makes a sissy a better gurl than a real female is sissies are faithful. The reason is simple. When a sissy gets to serve a man with her body and boipussy, anything that makes him happy is a blessing for a sissy.  Sissies become happy very easily and I dont see any reason a sissy wont be happy serving a master.

OK, coming back to the real topic of sissies cant get pregnant. Its a well known fact that the world stays away from sex because of the unwanted pregnancy issues and if it was possible to abort pregnancy, women would do sex all the time, but thats not the case. Hence, we have sissies who takes the place and do the job of becoming sex objects without having an issue of pregnancy.

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