Sissies in Chastity

Chastity is an integral part of a sissy life and why not? When a sissy is in chastity, he is well behaved, he is well mannered and he will cherish each and every moment of the life.  A Sissy in a chastity cage is at its best behavior and wont mess with you unless he is really needing the punishment. A Sissy is at its best behavior when he knows that there is someone who can own her with all the authority and still she can be real bitch.

A chastity cage gives the key holder the authority over the slave and he or she is the ultimate power holder of a sissy’s fate. 

A Sissy will cry, beg and even blackmail you sometime, but if you have decided to become a keyholder, you have to act like one. A Key is the finest and bravest link between a sissy and his ownership. 

There are different type of chastity cages available in the market and most of them are pretty comfortable. A Sissy will crave for a chastity cage, but as a keyholder this is your responsibility to make the best use of the sizes and comfort being offered. 

So, apart from all the sissy talks, lets have a look at this biggest thread on the internet for chastity sissies!

#1 Best figure fits the Chastity

This is Lara. A sissy from suburban New Jersey. Lara is owned by a lot of black man. This pic is from her college affair 

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#2 Smaller cages makes you bigger sissy!

Smaller the cage, bigger the sissy you are!

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#3 This pink chastity is the most pink thing you can have

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#5 Now you will understand the meaning of enjoying the chastity

Your wife has been telling you that you will enjoy chastity and finally you give in. You know it's pretty hard for a man to lock up his cock, but you are not a man. You are just useless and pathetic crossdresser..

Now you will understand why your wife was telling that you will enjoy chastity a lot. The sweet smooth skin on your leg is waiting for you and your sexuality. Embrace crossdressing life sissy. 

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What do you think?

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