Sissies wearing their best lingerie for their master….

#6 Isn't she cute?

If I had a slave like her to show me her latest sexy lingerie by wearing it for me, I would really be very happy. She is really cute! 

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#7 How do you know she likes her master?

When she likes her master, she will wear what she likes the most and not something that her master doesn't want to see on her body!

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#8 Dorothy sure knows what to do. … …

When you are at your master's place after a long day at work, what you do? You have to understand some concepts what you are allowed to do and what not to do. Definitely waiting for your master in your best lingerie is on the list.

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#9 What are your views about this ..

What do you think about this sissy wearing her favorite dress for her master? 

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#10 Desperate sissy posing for exposure..

This is Tanya. She is a brown sissy and has been living in Canada for lady boy boss who convinced her to get settled in Canada with her. Initially she was kept as a mate but finally she gave up and now she is a slave to her master and mistress couple. This pic was captured one fine night during winters last year. 

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