Sissies wearing their best lingerie for their master….

#11 Sissy wearing bra and panties for her office boy….

The girl you see in this pic is actually Tom, and Tom has become a girl for his own employee, Stewart. Stewart is just an office boy in Toms office , but during nights, Stewart is Tom's master. Yes , Tom is Stewart's sissy bitch.

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#12 This is one hot lingerie…!

I Envy the guy who is going to take this sissy at night as a slave. I mean just have a look at this sexy dress. Isn't it tempting?

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#13 That's something stunning , I must say…

How wonderful it is to pose like this in your favorite underwear 👙 for your maaster?

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#14 Clear face, white bra and ….

This is the special bra and lingerie ted bought for her master. This lingerie costed him a good amount of his fortune, but as her master wanted her to wear the most expensive lingerie in the store, this is how Ted looks after become Jennifer. 

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#15 This was your only instruction….

When you were called by your boss for the follow up interview in night. He wanted you to be fucked like a slut and offered you your best lingerie so far . Wear it and go to the room. 

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