Sissy Confessions

Confessions of sissies and crossdressers are a thing. The confessions by the real sissies and crossdressers are something very amazing.

Sissies and crossdressers are spread over the world and are living a great life. People want to be as awesome as they can be.

A Sissy or a crossdresser is a normal human being with a tilt towards the opposite gender and is generally very eager to know about how to be sexy while dressing like the opposite gender. A sissy lifestyle doesnt mean you are gay or anything like that, it simply means that you are really good at being two person at a time and it in fact is normal.

Sometimes hormones mess up and the sexuality is defined by the chromosomes or hormones or something like that, while you biologically is a male, sissy is your inner voice. Your inner soul knows you very well and makes it a way to live this life.

You have to act like girls when your soul says so, you have to wear female clothes, you have to be sexually active like a girl and you are all set to be a girl . So here, we are sharing some of the best sissy confessions on the internet!

#1 The truth is , all sissies are like this

A sissy is like a mermaid in water. A sissy needs to confess her feelings time to time. The confessions make sissy life easier and easy life is the best crossdressing life. 

#2 Wearing a dress and heels is just awesome

When you are a sissy, wearing heels and sexy skirts feels just right

#3 Sissy Confessions : I want to crossdress so badly

#4 I am a submissive sissy

I want to be used a sexy toy

#5 I knew my wife…..

When you are getting married my wife was more interested in making me and girl and I knew this. I had no problem in becoming a girl and that is why probably I became my wife husband. Now I am a sissy slut and my wife crossdress me everyday

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