Sissy Confessions

#6 I secretly want to be ..

I want to be feminized by a like minded woman who doesn't judge me for being a sissy slut. People judge sissies for being little faggots, but here I want a like minded girl

#7 Who says you cant be, you definitely can be sissy!

#8 Wearing a dress and heels is just awesome

When you are a sissy, wearing heels and sexy skirts feels just right

#9 I am a sissy and…

I am a sissy and I love being fucked by strangers while I am in female clothes. one more reason I became a crossdressing slut is that I like when an older and experienced man take me in the ass for being bitchy crossdressing slat. 

#10 I am so glad my inner girl …..

A sissy is always thankful to the god that her inner girl is still alive. Your inside girl is all you have to survive in this killer world. 

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