Sissy Confessions

#11 We all feel you sissy!

#12 Let's confess it sissy….

Well one of the many things that makes you feel better for your own sexy sissy body is the way many strangers jack off to your slutty ass . Don't lie to yourself, I know the truth sissy.

#13 I didnt wear lingerie for so long….

How bad it is that you took too much time to leave behind the shame of society.

You have to overcome the shame of society. I cant believe you didnt wear lingerie for so long. Its fun showing your sissy body to others. Isnt it?

#14 Sissies want to be kidnapped , forced feminized….

This is an everyday stuff for many sissies out there. A sissy , in her ideal situation would want this to happen to her all the time. Almost all the sissies want this to happen. This fantasy starts with a common thing such as getting kidnapped, and being used like a slut by the kidnappers. Being fucked by daily with big cocks and feminized forcefully. Dont you have this fantasy sissy ?Note: Always follow safe sex. Dont trust all the things you read on internet. Not all is real on the internet. 

#15 Almost every sissy has done this deal….

Ok . Just make the confession. Have you done any deal like this with anyone ? If not, you are lying. Need I remind you that Good sissies don't lie!

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