Sissy sluts getting humiliated by chastity!

Sissies are the best way to own a slave and there are like many people who are willing to become your sissy. Being a sissy master , I know the real psychology of sissies out there. Sissies are the best. 

Apart from being a slut, they are also good humans. Sissies wants to wear chastity and a lot of us want to see them in these chastites.

I assume that most of my readers are sissies who are willing to submit anything to me. I have a command here and I am your commanding officer sissies. You are just a pathetic little peice of slut and an ass for my dick. Nothing more than that. You deserve to suck my dick and drink my cum. Also, If i want you to be my office slut, toilet slut, you are going to follow all your direct orders you sissy. 

Now starting with the next thing on our stuff, making you feel humiliated here on this website. Tell me frankly, why are you on this site? Dont be hesitated, be sure about your answer. 

You are a dirty sissy who wants to be humiliated by me and people like me. Whats the best you like in humiliation? You are a slut and you know it. What is your deepest humiliation fantasy? Come on, let me know. In the mean time, enjoy this humiliation session!


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Written by Sissy Master

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