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Super Husband Chastity humiliation by wives

Note: Always Practice Safe Sex. Dont trust everyone and everything you read on internet. People lie all the time. Not everything is worth trying and you should pay attention to the Safe Sex practices. Like , seriously!

Wives are the best thing that happens to most of us. It feels great to be cared and shared, but what happens when your wife is a dom? When the wife is in the Femdom and BDSM Lifestyle, it is really difficult for a man to cope up without being humiliated or insulted regularly.

A dom wife is really hard to handle because they have the fire in their life. Sexy wives have solid and sexy figures and they make the lives easier for their husbands who are supposed to behave submissive.

Whole BDSM concept depends on two things. Being Dominant, or being submissive. In a relationship, where two people are involved, it has to be one Dom and One sub. It can never be both dom or both sub.

So, when in your relation, if your wife is dominant, naturally you have to be sub. If you are a sub in your relation, that means your wife will force and humiliate you for many things. Generally subs are not able to satisfy their wives, and hence the women look outside of the marriage for self satisfaction. That is all creating the sense of dominance in them and let me tell you this is increasing day by day.

One such concept is cuckolding. It is more or less the same as a submissive husband who watches her wife getting screwed by someone else. It is not wife sharing or swapping, it is just presenting your wife to someone who fucks the brains out of her and the cuckold has to watch her wife being fucked like a slut.

All these things comes down to one thing, how well your wife humiliates you. I am sure that most of the white american men would love to be submissive for their wife and there is nothing wrong. In fact some reports and researches suggests that cuckolding, and Dom-Sub relation has saved my marriages all around the world and specailly in USA. 

Now, I am coming back to my topic. Why wives are now humiliating their husbands? There could be more than one answers to this question, but the best answer is for fetish. This is more or less just like a fetish that some woman life to humiliate their husbands with cuckolding, chastity cages and all.

So, if you enjoy being humiliated, just do it. Its really a nice time to get humiliated by your dom wife. Even , strong and masculine Dom men like me like to get a little submissive for the right lady!

Enjoy sissy,BDSM Lifestyle but be safe!

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