Thats not a date, its your routine now!

So, did someone told you that the life you would be living a life full of fun and sex in the future, would you have presented yourself to them?

Of course you would not, but the fact says, you have to believe the things in order to see them in the real life. So, what if you didnt see yourself as a sissy slave in the near future? The fact is , you are a sissy that would do anything to make the life fun now. 

Ok, so what i was telling you about you getting sex and all? Oh yeah, correct, the sex and fucked up stuff is nothing but the very real life you live now. 

Going out with random hot guys who take your turns in the night is not just dating now, its more or less your life . A life that you wanted to live since long. 

100% Sexy life is not the dream you wanted , buts its the reality you are living!

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