The shocking truth of Crossdressing and sissy lifestyle

Crossdressing is now a mainstream lifestyle and more and more people are joining this trend of becoming a crossdresser. Crossdressing is a lifestyle where the person tries to wear clothes of different gender and acts like that. Generally males are more active in trying to act and behave like females .
If I am not wrong, more than 200 Million people are interested in Crossdressing as per a report in American Media. This is a huge number and this indicates that you are not alone. If you have fetishes to wear bras and panties and act like a slutty girl, it is perfectly alright. Many people tend to have these inclination towards being a girl

The love for bra and panties in men is increasing day by day and people are having more and more ways to get crossdressing addiction to themselves.

But the crossdressing and becoming a sissy industry is way bigger than your thoughts. Millions of people try crossdressing and become sissy for one or the other reason.

Many people wants to become a sissy slave for a mistress. They like the smooth legs of a mistress overpowering them and making them the bitch they are.

While some sissies want to be a slave for masters. A Master is one who has a strong appearance and make the sissy his weak submissive. Plus masters have a real biological cock so that they can fuck the sissy in anal too.

The world is big and there are many type of sissies and crossdressers you can come across. Some of them wants or tries the sissy lifestyle just for fun. Some are in this lifestyle for financial reasons and some people wants to really know themselves.

#1 Isnt that a true sissy?

You have always wanted to be a girl. Is that right sissy?

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#2 Most Sissies start their journey with a fetish for bra and panty

Many of the sissies out there have started their journey of being a sissy slave with just a little harmless bra and panties. A Bra of their friend, sister, mother, girl friend or sometimes, wifey. Then the urge to wear the panties starts and then it makes you go further and further.

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#3 One thing leads to another and then life changes….

Once you tried the bra and panties, you are now addicted to it. You try different cloths, shop online, sometimes you head in to your local store and buy lingeries and now you crave to become a full time girl. with all the makeup and fake hair. You are actually liking yourself being a sissy.

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#4 A poor sissy being used for pleasure

When a sissy falls in love with being used physically , the people try to get the advantage and exploit them! Ironically the sissies love being exploited

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#5 Yes. This is the truth of being a sissy

a sissy is a fuckdoll for her daddy!

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What do you think?

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Awesome sissy captions

Femdom life is a blessing for a sissy!