Twitter made some real big sluts lately….

Other than tumblr and Trans section in the porn sites, the next big thing that really made the biggest batch of sissies, is the twitter. 

Twitter has made many many many sissies all around the world. People come and scroll the twitter, several sissies and mistresses are there all around trying to make you feel the loser of a sissy you are.

The recent times have changed so rapidly, with many many people spending most of the time on the internet, and spending time looking for future prospective master or mistress, for whom they might become a sissy slave in the future.

Recently the definition of Sissy is pretty different and changed drastically. What and when you become a sissy is nothing to be sure about, but it happens. 

I recently came about a new sissy who wanted to become a slave for a mistress and that hooked up through the tweeter. People try to show that they are something of a strong man, commenting on the political stuff , trying to teach the govt how to run the polity and all, but one message from the mistress and its all done. 

People just melt down to become a slave, if the point is made directly to the weak point, the point where sissies are allowed to become a sissy.

Golden stuff!

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