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What if she catches you surfing sissy tumblr?

Note: Always Practice Safe Sex. Dont listen to everything you see on the internet.

The world is now full of internet and every now and then, people have the access to internet more than ever. Billions of dollars are changing hands now because of internet, but there are some people who likes to surf things that they wont surf in front of public.

I am talking about my people who likes to surf sissy porn. Sissy porn is now everywhere. It all started with the tumblr and some of the people who likes to become submissive for dominant people, but it has taken the world in awe and now we all have some sort of sissy in our lives.

But during all this internet revolution, there is a problem with the tumblr and sissy porn searching. Anyone can find out about your internet history if you are not careful. Being careful on the internet is like not a very big thing and it could be managed easily if you are careful but bigger threat comes when you have a woman living with you in your house and she has the access to your system and mobiles.

Its very easy for your woman to catch your sissy porn addiction and I can just feel your pain if she catches you and your secrets? If the world sees your disgusting internet history, thats not a problem, but if your wife or your girlfriend finds out?

Of course she will react. It is possible that she will react nice but it is 100% certain that she will react. Now, I understand that you have concerns about how your wife or girl finding your dirty secrets, but lets be honest, somehow you want her to find out about your truth. You want your girl to find out about how and why you are a sissy. You like being teased and you secretly wish that your girl finds out .

I dont have much to say, but i want you to be careful while surfing the internet. Things could go downside if your wife or girl is not supportive.

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