What if your wife pimped you?

Note : Always Practice Safe Sex! No matter what you read on internet, it is always a possibility that it is untrue. Dont trust everything you see on internet.

So the covid-19 has created some problems for you financially and you have bills to pay. You just lost your job and now you dont have much to do in your life.

What you can do in order to solve your financial crisis? The answer is, the easiest answer is sell sex. You can ask your wife to sell sex, and you have tried that too, but your wife has refused . She has self esteem and she cant get nude and present her ass to strangers, but you need money urgently. What you do?

You sell yourself! The best part about you is, that you are feminine and you can literally do anything you want while getting dressed sexy and make money out of that.

You are a straight male, but the pandemic has made you a sissy slut. The internet ruined it for you and you are now just a sissy slut. Next thing is, how do you find customers? Your wife is ready to help you for that.

Now a wife pimping out her sissy husband for money? How it is any way less than a husband offering his wife to fuck strangers for money? Nothing wrong in that. Your wife has all the rights to pimp you out for money as you are a slutty crossdresser who wants to have sex for money.

A wife pimping out her sissy husband is a perfect example of how gender roles are now reversed. There is no reason for you to misunderstand your sexuality. You will be her husband and she will still love you, but the only thing is she cant have sex with you now. Or , if the sex happens, it will involve a strapon and you will be the one being penetrated. So, yeah, a wife pimping out her husband has really changed the meaning of this life for you.

Remember, Happy wife is Happy life , sissy!

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