When you become ready to be owned by a master or mistress?

One thing that makes a lot of difference in a sissies life is when to make the decision to accept the sissy life. 

Accepting the sissy life is not an easy decision to make and this actually requires a lot of thinking and calculation. I mean you cannot just get up and explain everybody that what you have become. You have to be careful about your decision and the timing to come out.  A lot of people will always tell you that it is not at all required to come out of closet but others will tell you that it is.

So I will be discussing you whether or not you are ready to be owned by a master or mistress, when do you start living a completely feminized life. How do you decide that whether you are ready to become sissy or not. 

Master or mistress is something that really doesnt make your life better, they make your life awesome. A master or mistress comes when you are completely ready to become a full time slave. 

Who is a master or mistress?A mistress or master is the one who accepts you to be their sissy slave. Basically the master or mistress is your owner. This owner comes in different conditions and terms.

the world has seen different type of masters and mistresses . Some of the masters are available for 24X7 slavery of their sissies, while some of them are available for part time too. In the times of Covid-19, the world has seen many girls becoming the sissy mistresses and this is revolutionary. 

Daily more and more people are trying to becoming a master or mistress, but not all of them will be the best master or mistress. I would like to share some responsibilities of a master or mistress.

1. The master or mistress should be well educated. Even if they are uneducated they should be well behaved. 2. They should always be open to the safe word.3. They should always discuss the sissy slaves limits and boundaries.4. Mistress or master should have a variety of personality that makes them violent in bed and polite off the bed.5. A master or mistress should not have issues when discussing about STDs and possible adverse physical harms of the session.6. A master and mistress should be felt from heart and not be like a burden.

Other than this, I will be discussing more about when you are ready to be owned by a master or mistress.

#2 They humiliate , but it is all a part of fun

When you accept the crossdressing life has your future as a human, you subconsciously accept the humiliation that comes with it naturally. The female life is not an easy thing to live especially if you are a failure as a man. This is by default a fact that crossdresser will never have respect in the society as a male but she can expect sexiest of the compliments from the pervert section of society . Now if you are becoming a crossdressing sissy slut, accept that you are open to the humiliation by your master and mistress, and if I understand the concert clearly, master and Mr should always be humiliating you in their best interest. 

#3 A master or mistress i like a mentor

When you are thinking about making yourself submitting to a master or mistress, you have to understand that there are things which master has to follow .  Master or mistress is like your mentor to the life of feminization. Master or mistress not only understands your cravings to become a sissy but they also understand that you are a human deep down . Your master or mistress has to understand that it is highly possible that you have normal human life apart from your sissy life. So in short a master or mistress has responsibility to make you comfortable and understand your concerns about your duel identity.

#4 You know when you are ready….

When you are a sissy and you want to know that how to call yourself ready for being owned by a master and mistresses, it is said that you will know. 

A sissy will never say no to being owned by a master or mistress, given that the mistress or master is dedicated to be called as a real master. Masters and mistresses are a thing that makes a sissies life worth living. A sissy life without being owned by a master is as useless as the dick a sissy has. 

#5 This one is only for the sissies with masters….

Well this is not for the sissies who have mistresses as their doms. This one is dedicated only to the people who have masters as their dominant partners. If you are ready to be gangbanged by many cocks in group and when they are fucking you like a cheap sissy slut, you feel an urge to keep going, you are ready to be owned by a master. Remember, this could be done with  a group of mistresses too, but they will have to use strapon and it wont be as fun as it could be. 


What do you think?

Written by Sissy Master

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