When you start dating, you start wearing bra!

Note : Always practice Safe Sex! Never trust everything you see on the internet.

The life is unfair to some, but life is always fun for most of us. I mean , The life is fun, and I dont want you to take me otherwise, but the life is not same for all the people out there.

Let me tell you one thing very clearly, that the life is a blessing and the sex makes it even better. Sex however is a big word and it covers everything under the sun regarding penis or vagina or any other form of sex, but lets concentrate on the things that matters the most.

Sex makes life fun and if the sex is about your dominant or submissive part, the fun becomes better. How does it become better? Do I really need to tell you why BDSM or dominant-submissive sex is better?

During the BDSM stuff, you are actually living the part of your life that often goes unnoticed. When you are in the dungeon of BDSM, and the partner knows what you guys are upto, the life is fun and liberating.

So , this is about the women who are now understanding that what it means to be dominant in a relationship and they are now coming out of the shackles of prisons in the form of orders being thrown at them like anything.

The women all over the world are now demanding equality in the bed, and when they understand their power, they demand the dominant role in the bed.

Is that wrong? It will never be wrong if a woman asks for dominant role. Women are by default dominant and you cant deny them the rights they are asking now.

One thing that I have come across the literature that defines the role reversal in the bed, is that the woman out there are now demanding boy friends and male companions that wear bra right from the starting of the dating period.

It might come to you as a shock , but the speed with which the times have changed, I cant tell you how the gender roles have changed, inside or outside the bedroom.

Now, when I say that you have to wear a bra if you want to date a girl, is that far fetched? I dont think so!

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