Why sissies have no self esteem?

Self esteem is a thing that defines a real man. When we are talking about Sissies, why we are talking about men? Well, men is an important part of a sissy’s life.

Self esteem is important to live a healthy life but , a sissy doesnt need self esteem, a sissy has Self Sluttiness!

So I was discussing this issue with my fellow mistresses and masters and this discussion actually helped me improve my understanding of how sissies live the life. The psychology behind the sissy mind lies in the submissive nature of the sluts. 

This goes without saying that a sissy is pretty submissive in the nature and a sissy would do anything to make her master happy. I have seen sissies being pimped out by their masters and in turn the sissies earn money for their masters. 

Overall, I want to convey is that the sissies does not need anything related to self esteem because their esteem lies in the hands of their masters and mistresses. A sissy wants the praise from her master and mistress and because of this , it is highly possible that they just crave from the encouraging words from their dominants. 

The world has come to such a pace that the magnitude of people becoming sissy is so high, that each master should own at least 4 or 5 sissies , and majority of them could come from foreign land. As i have already told in the previous posts that the language of sissy is same in all the countries and the concept is same too. Australian sissies are no different than British Sissies. Even Indian – Chinese Sissies are as submissive and slutty as other sissies in the world. Also, the sissies are found everywhere in the world. Be it from small country as Vatican or a big nation as Russia. The sense of submission to the master is altogether same everywhere.

So, coming back to the topic of this blog, sissies are sissies and they have no self esteem. They just have sense of submission and that is enough for them to survive this life. 

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