Wife humiliating her sissy husband

#6 You know you are not a man sissy

Of course you are not a man and you will be locked in a chastity now. And now as you are in a chastity, come lick my pussy you loser crossdressing slut. 

#7 The wife insults like anything

If I can definitely humiliate you, I own you bitch. you know that you are sisters late and I don't give a damn about what you think. 

There are more than one ways to get your fucked at sissy bars and crossdressing gay clubs. but most enjoyable thing that I can do is to make you wear a butt plug in which you can barely walk as an erotic sissy slut.

#8 Wife taking her sissy hubby for a walk of shame!

This wifey is brutal and she is taking her man husband for a walk of shame . The shame word is a decent one for the humiliation he is about to receive. Let's pray he gets brutally humiliated!

#10 Are you sure you are ready…?

Are you sure you are ready for this strapon my dear sissy husband?

Of course you are ready for the strapon sissy.


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Written by Sissy Master

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