Wife humiliating her sissy husband

#11 That's not sissy if the wife……

You know what's not gay? You dressing up by your own wife. Your wife knows about you and she has a pretty wide idea about how you became a sissy slut while maintaining the marriage as usual. She wants to know whether you are a sissy or not and she is luring you into believing that dressing doesn't make you sissy if she is doing it.

#13 Yes, your wife is asking you to fuck that hunk sissy…

When you started the sissy life, you never thought that you would be so lucky to have your wife asking you to fuck your alpha . Wear that sexy slutty lingerie your wifey brought for you and get fucked!

#14 This is Jane, but now Jenni …

This person used to be a dude before his wife ask him to become a crossdresser. James is now Jenny. Jenny is a crossdressing slut now. Her penis is getting shrink with all the hormones his wife is humiliating him with. Rightly said smaller the dick better the sissy

#15 It takes time to enjoy the chastity but it enjoyable

When wife decided to put you in chastity, you were very happy. Don't lie cc I know you are very happy. 

It was always your dream to be locked in a chastity by a wife. Women nowadays are really really dominating.

You know that women have vagina and they can make the rules. And the rules say that you are a CC. Of course chastity is lovely and you like it very much, but to enjoy it clearly e and y the best of it you need to spend some time in chastity cage. But I promise you will enjoy this chastity cage time.


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