Wife humiliating her sissy husband

#11 You know you are not a man sissy

Of course you are not a man and you will be locked in a chastity now. And now as you are in a chastity, come lick my pussy you loser crossdressing slut. 

#12 Does the cage hurt…..

Does the cage hurt when the wife locked your clitty in that little chastity cage? Well wife makes you feel used and little in more than one sense. 

#14 It takes time to enjoy the chastity but it enjoyable

When wife decided to put you in chastity, you were very happy. Don't lie cc I know you are very happy. 

It was always your dream to be locked in a chastity by a wife. Women nowadays are really really dominating.

You know that women have vagina and they can make the rules. And the rules say that you are a CC. Of course chastity is lovely and you like it very much, but to enjoy it clearly e and y the best of it you need to spend some time in chastity cage. But I promise you will enjoy this chastity cage time.

#15 Wife taking her sissy hubby for a walk of shame!

This wifey is brutal and she is taking her man husband for a walk of shame . The shame word is a decent one for the humiliation he is about to receive. Let's pray he gets brutally humiliated!

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Biggest rule set for sissies of the world

Sissy sluts who are are way too proud to be sissy!