Wife humiliating her sissy husband

#16 Wife asking her husband….

When the wife knows that her husband is is not a real man and is ready to wear bra and panties she knows that she need not force her husband to wear the ladies clothes

#17 Her questions are valid and on point….

What is the point in having a wife who doesnt grind her pussy on your face? Just submit to her for becoming a better sissy!

#18 Wife showing the smallest chastity….

This is the way your wife shows you the next chastity you will be wearing . 

#19 Dominating wife threatening sissy husband to get nude

This is one real brutal wife. This wife is at beach with her husband and now she is ordering him to get naked at a beach so that he can be exposed not only to sun but also humiliation!

#20 This hot wife from suburbs new york…

This hot wife from new York has put an ad on Craigslist and has made her husband all sissified. 

She went to market with door open and let's see who shows up at the door to take her sissy husband like a sissy slut.

What do you think?

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Biggest rule set for sissies of the world

Sissy sluts who are are way too proud to be sissy!