Wife humiliating her sissy husband

#26 She played a game with her hubby…

She is a modern wife and she asked her husband that whether he will wear the chastity cage for her. He said , he will and he did. After a week when her husband wanted to be released from the chastity cage, she said she never said anything about releasing him! Poor husband is still locked! 

#27 She wants to feel her hubby's tongue….

She is the one who knows what she wants. Here she is simply telling her husband what exactly are her expectations.  She is telling her husband to bury his tongue in her big fat dominant ass before she locks him in his chastity cage. 

#28 She has a plan for your orgasms…..

So she knows that you want an orgasm, and that is where she has called for her friends for the lunch. During the lunch ,you will be humiliated for being a sissy and then they will make your cum with anal ,and you have to eat your own cum for them. Deal sissy?

#29 When your wife cuckolds you….

Many husband's are ok when someone fucks their wife . Even the wives are now humiliating their husbands like anything. One of the finest way to humiliate is become a cuckold. You are a cuckold. Aren't you? 

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Biggest rule set for sissies of the world

Sissy sluts who are are way too proud to be sissy!