Wife humiliating her sissy husband

#36 No piggy, you didn't ask….

So what if she is your wife. She has all the rights to deny you what you want. Because you are a sissy and faggot, it's over for you the moment you went into chastity. 

#37 Yes , she is boss at office but…..

Of course she is a Boss in her office and wears all bossy stuff.

But when she comes home, it's all between you and her. Can you see her red panties?? Just bow down and start licking!

#38 Your wife knows what happens in….

Your wife knows that the chastity cage you are wearing is just gonna be tight for a while. After a while, the chastity will become lose and you have to buy a smaller one. 

#39 Worshipping ass is the thing now…..

Your wife likes reading and the only thing she can allow you is to lick and worship her asshole . 

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Biggest rule set for sissies of the world

Sissy sluts who are are way too proud to be sissy!