Wives around the world are excited for locktober

Note : Always Practice Safe Sex. Dont trust everything you see on internet. Many things are fake on the internet.

How do I start for this wonderful occasion in the history of mankind. I am talking about the amazing festival called Locktober.

Locktober is the time of the year when you can have the best of the femdom and the chastity cages.

During the locktober month the males are locked in the chastity cage for all 31 days and woman are extremely excited for the event this year.

Its a well known fact that when the men are locked in the chastity cage, they become extra affectionate to their woman. The lick their woman like anything and that makes women happy.

Not only the licking and the affection part, locktober gives the authority to the woman and this in turn makes woman feel powerful about how they can manage men. I have no reservations about the festivity called Locktober, because now it is becmoning a worldwide phenomenon and more and more people are joining the revolution of locking their sissy sluts in the chastity cage to have more fun with tongues and obedience.

A recent research shows the BDSM is extremely helpful in saving many marriages. The reason that BDSM is so popular now a days is that the BDSM gives the spice couple need in the bedroom. When I say the term BDSM, it includes everything under the sun. Be it bondage, dominant, sadistic pleasures and what not. The ever evolving term BDSM now has more definitions than ever.

One thing that most BDSM couples agree to is that almost always one of the member of the couple is either dominant or submissive. Thats the beauty of BDSM relationships. The locktober is celebrated every year and this indeed is a grand event. 

Locktober gives women the sense of dominance and that makes all the difference in the game.

So , no wonder that women around the globe are now excited for the occasion called Locktober. I wish all my viewers, subs and slaves to enjoy these 31 days as they are important for your sexual wellness!

Happy Locktober !

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