You are a pathetic piece of ass…

You are a pathetic piece of ass and you are about to be feminised for an alpha couple.

This is your Master, Master Dave from New Jersey . I welcome you all to this humiliation sissy session. This will be an online session and you have to read what I want to convey. Before you proceed, just submit yourself to me and I will make you completely feminine for a dominant alpha couple.

So, I was talking to my girlfriend and she is happy for you to live with us as our submissive sissy slave, but the thing is it took a lot of convincing, for her to accept you as our sissy slave. And you will be living with us as a girl, and the problem with her was that you will be living with us as a girl. Do you understand, as a girl!

One thing that she has specifically ordered me is that I make sure you are always dressed up as a girl. And if I can do this that is I can make you dress as a girl all the time she won’t have that much problem. So basically you have to accept whatever I ask you to do. You have to live as a girl and update to my command.

No more boring panties for you My sissy! This is the time to move to the pink world of lingerie. This is gonna be so life changing for you but this is completely worth it. At least I am gonna love being the one who controls you .

As I told you no more boring panties for you sissy. You are gonna be wearing panties like the one I am showing below all the time. The panties you will be wearing is is completely feminine and bright in appearance.  You will specifically wear pink ones.

You will be wearing tight once the ones that gives you feeling of completeness on your crotch and gives you Boost  on your buttocks.  Thats right sissy, so many cute panties you have to choose from.  You will look sexy, feminine and I and my gf can laugh at your pathetic sissy panties.

Its time to update your lingerie drawer, dont you think?

I being the master in this relation, Insist that as our slave girl, You will be wearing girls clothes, and you will also be locked in chastity cage. Now, I want you to lock the lock of your chastity and wear your girl clothes on your chastity cage. If you really want to know whats good for you, You will be a good sissy of course.

No more explosion of cums for you sissy. From now on, you cum on our instructions. Because you are locked up like a little sissy slave , and you have owners.  You are locked in your chastity forever and you are not allowed to masturbate.

Now, you wear the Bimbo panties to match all your bimbo lingerie. You are a bimbo and how perfect is that now. You are gonna stay in chastity forever, you know that, because little girls do not have dicks. Do they? No!

Now it is completely acceptable that if you are gonna be my little slave girl, than you end up looking like a girl. You end up looking like my gf. So, I am asking you to start waist training. That means, I am gonna put you in your tight little waist trainer to make that waist tiny. And when you have a tiny waist, you need to have boobs. Of course you are a loser, so you will be wearing the fake boobs. You need to have big book implants. I love these big boobs on my slaves .

You can not say no to this, whatsoever. You know why? Because you are a little bitch who is owned by me and my gf. You literally have to obey to every command that I give you and with this amazing figure you are gonna have a lot of makeup and that too with precision.

My gf will teach you how to put your makeup sissy.

You have to do your hairs like a proper girl .Curl your hairs, and do the makeup to look absolutely amazing. I guess you are gonna love it sissy. Everything is gonna be amazing with you being turned into a girl.

Now my little sissy , let’s getting all pumped up with those beautiful lips of yours. Let’s put some gloss on your lips. Let’s make you look like a pretty girl. Get your makeup done and everything. Lets put some sexy lip gloss on you, to make your lips look super juicy. You know why we are doing this? Because you are going to be sucking on my big cock. So thats why your lips needs to be looking pumped up and juicy. It gives you a little bit of shimmer. Doesnt it sissy?

It makes you look like my airhead barbie doll. You are loving this, because you are such a bimbo. Pretty in pink. Thats the only color you are getting.

Now its Bimbo Pink Panties for you forever, you little sissy. Can you imagine all the costumes you are gonna be wearing? Frill, lace latex and what not sissy. Why would you want to complaint for being turned to a woman? There is nothing to complaint about sissy. Basically you are gonna have a ride of your life sissy.

You will be living the life of a real girl. But you have to be my girl for me and my girlfriend. And you are required to make sure that you are living upto the expectations we both have from you.

You arent going to be getting any hard on from now on. You cant have it because you are not allowed to have a hard on, because you are in chastity cage .n

You are not just going to be feminized, you are going to be turned to my little bimbo. Now I want you to dress up for me and my girl . You have to dress up like my little barbie doll in this pink outfit I have chosen for you.


I want you to wear them for me . Because thats what I like. And that why you are going to wear this slutty sissy pink clothing for me.

Now , I hope you are ready in your slutty dress, so repeat after me, ” I am going to be perfect sissy bimbo for Sir” . You will be calling me Sir, and my girl friend as Miss.

You are gonna look so pretty. Arent you? Wish you become a bride some day to get married as a sissy.

The next thing you will get is the cuffs, collar and the chain specially designed for you as a sissy slave girl.

I will have you on a little fucking leash. Isnt that clear sissy? You are going to be doing all my household chores for me and my girl like a little slave you are. When my girl friend comes , You have to give me and my girlfriend massage, or anything she wants. Because you are gonna worship both of us. As I said, whatever I say, you are gonna do exactly that only. .

Say it again ”  I am going to be a perfect sissy Bimbo for Sir and Miss.” .

You are going to do literally everything my house needs. Cooking, cleaning, in your girly outfits and your pathetic little dresses and skirts. Lets be very clear, If you dont do what I say, you will be punished. .

Punishment could be anything depending on my mood. Lets say you might be asked to walk down the street to the shops in your little skirt, frilly topping hills in front of whole public. I know you like public humiliation, but its very hard and extremely difficult. You are gonna be humiliated and laughed on . And guess what? While you are being humiliated, I will be with you filming everything you do on the street. And by the time you are back from street, the video would be all over the social media. Everyone will have a laugh at you sissy. So, just do as I say, else this is just one example I am giving. I have loads of such punishments for you. If you dont do what I say, it gets worse. So just do what I say.

You belong down there on your hands and knees on your little chain and I belong up there . You are begging at my feet. Thats where you will always be. Clear?

So how shameful poor pathetic little sissy you have become. You will be serving a real alpha couple for the rest of your life. As I have turned you into a little pathetic sissy, I would love to see my girl doing nasty things to you. She will be punishing you, and you will love it. Won’t you sissy?

Now, the good thing is that if you turn out to be the bimbo sissy slave that we wanted, Then we might have to take on a second victim, which means we will have two bimbo sissies around the house.

Now, could you imagine that if you stepped out of the line, what we could do to you? Punishment is a small word. You have no idea about the things that are going in my head right now. There is a lot of things I could punish you with. Dont step out of line, if you really dont want the trouble.

The best or worst part of this whole feminization is, that there is no getting out of this sissy. You are locked up as a sissy slave with us forever. It will stay this way only, forever. No escaping for you my sissy slut.

Now, tell me how pretty you are gonna make yourself for me and my girlfriend?.

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