You are lucky that there is no penalty for being a sissy!

Time and again I have told you that we are living in a great time and we should be thankful for what we have.I mean it is not really difficult to become a sissy in the present times. 

If you really want to understand the importance of why and how you can become a sissy freely in the present times, understand the times that happened in the past. 

In the ancient times the rules were different for the people who want to become a girl. The rules were so bad that you can not even think about becoming girl. 

The times were so difficult that becoming a girl for a man was prohibited. The rules were so hard that if you are caught as a sissy, you have to live as a sissy for a whole year away from your house and family. Your sissy dressups would be posted in the form of posters all around the city and you would be forced to dance at predefined functions decided by the district administration. 

The punishment was even severe for the people who were caught as a sissy doing nasty stuff with another man.If you are caught as a sissy making out with another man, you have to spend a year as a state sissy , living away from your home, and you have to spend time in different beds getting fucked against your will. you dont decide the fun, its all decided by the state. 

But you dont have to do anything like that now. So, just be thankful for what you have and become a good sissy!



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