You are not here for your pleasure…. But for her!

Note : Always practice Safe Sex. Not everything you see on internet is true. Most of it is fake.

When you become a sissy slut, for whatever reason, you have to ask one question to yourself. Why have to become the sissy? Is it because you like being girlish? Is it because you like to have sex with almost everyone and anyone? Is it because you are slutty and can not help yourself? or is it because you consider that you are a girl and have to behave like a girl.

But whatever be the reason, the fact is that you are a sissy and you have limitations. The limitations of your sissy life is that you are a sissy because you want to be sissy and this doesnt mean that people will try to please you.

When you are a sissy, you have to be willing to accept your role as a sissy slut and it doesnt even matter what you, in the end its all about you have to serve your mistress and master.

Being a sissy, its your duty that you have to look sexy. Appearing sexy doesnt mean people owe you anything. It simply means, you accept your role as a sissy slut.

Now coming to the main topic, when you are with your dom. i.e. your master or mistress, its not like that you are the one who should get all the pleasure. Mostly and by thumb rule, you are not here for your own pleasure as a sissy slut, you are here for your dom’s pleasure.

The recent times have seen that a lot of things have changed and the biggest difference that has been observed is, that the sissies are now expecting and demanding something . Like seriously bitch? How can a sissy demand or expect anything ? A sissy has no rights. A sissy is just there to let her master or mistress have the pleasure. Nothing less, nothing more.

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