You are proud of your sissy identity, Arent you?

Somebody asked me about the concept of feeling proud on your identity. What is your sexual identity? The big question that is asked to every sissy once in life. 

What would be the sexuality of a person who likes to dress as a girl and get fucked in smallest sexy dresses. What would you call yourself if you are the one who get dressed in women dress and get fucked? Of course you are a sissy. 

What happened when you decide to get dressed as a sissy slut? You decide to become an expensive slut. Of course you would be fucking with a lot of new men everyday. but I dont find it a reason to decide your sexuality all the time. 

Sexuality is an overrated concept. I mean who decides that you are only allowed with one gender? What if you are a sissy who like to lick pussies? You do that right? Yes, you are allowed to be a sissy and then lick as many pussies as you want all day long. 

Sissies are one of the finest gender stereotype. At one time, you are allowed to be a sissy and other time you are allowed to get fucked . How fun it is?

Well, sissies are not at all something you can not feel proud of. A sissy has stuff to show. Butt plugs, dildos, strapons, bras  , panties and what not. Its fun to be a girl. 

In short, just be proud of your identity bitch. Everything else could wait. 

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